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Beyond Orion


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My prayer is that every reader will be brought close to Jesus with a desire to be ready to meet the Saviour when He returns in power and glory.

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The Very Long Story

Names in the Book

A number of names have been used for Christ.  In heaven, God's Son is called Mi-ca-el or Michael.  The Father always refers to Him as My Son or My Son Michael.  The angels speak of Him as our Commander or our Master.  He is called the Creator at certain times, as well as the Son of God.  As He is the Creator of Adam and Eve, they refer to Him as father.  When the Son is born into this world, He is called by His Hebrew name Yeshua until His baptism, then He is referred to as Jesus.  The children all the way through use the name they know best -- Jesus.

  between Christ and Satan

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                             The great controversy

The Orion Nebula   www.enwikipedia.com/orionnebula 


This book is designed for teenagers to teach them the great controversy between Christ and Satan in a simple, readable style.  The foundation is the Bible, however, some scenes and all conversations are imaginary.  The author has tried to stay close to the facts, but there are points that are not recorded in the Bible.