The Creator leads Adam and Eve towards the centre of the garden, and they stop at the tree of life.
‘This tree’, He says, ‘will maintain your lives. You can eat of it freely, as well as all the trees of the garden.    But there is one tree from which you cannot eat.’
‘Oh’, exclaims Eve.
‘It too is in the centre of the garden’, says God’s Son.
He points to the tree, saying, ‘That is the tree over there.   It is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and you are never to eat its fruit.  It might look good, but you are not to eat it. Do you both understand?’
‘We will never eat its fruit’, promises Adam.
No’, adds Eve, ‘we will never eat it.  And I won’t talk to a fallen angel, ever.’
‘Eve’, counsels the Son, ‘Lucifer will not appear before you as an angel. He will disguise himself.’
Eve is concerned. ‘How will I know it is Lucifer?’
‘Do  not  come  to  this  tree  as  this  is  the  only  place  Lucifer  will  be permitted to tempt you.’
Eve nods her head.  The Creator continues, ‘Stay with Adam dear Eve.   Believe My words always and never eat the fruit of this tree.’
‘We won’t’, say Adam and Eve, meaning every word.
The warnings continue. ‘If you eat the fruit of this tree, you will die.’
‘What does it mean to die?’ asks Adam.
God’s Son speaks seriously, ‘It means your life will cease forever.’
‘Oh, where will we go?’ queries Eve.
‘You will become the dust of the ground.’
‘The dust of the ground?’ asks Eve in amazement.

The Very Long Story

The Warning

Chapter 9

                                        Chapter 9

After singing worship songs and rejoicing in their Creator, God’s Son says to Adam and Eve, ‘Dear children, I have something very serious to tell you.’
The happy couple become very quiet, wondering what could be serious in such a beautiful world.
‘You need to know dear ones that there is an enemy who hates God’, He says.
Adam and Eve gasp.
‘Yes, he hates the Father, he hates the Son, and he hates you.’
‘Oh, how could he hate me’, asks Eve.   ‘I don’t even know who he is.’
‘Yes, it seems very strange.’
The Son then explains the fall of Lucifer.   ‘The enemy was once a beautiful angel by the name of Lucifer.    He rebelled because he was jealous of the Son’s position in heaven.  He wanted to sit on the throne and be the ruler.  Sadly he convinced a third of the angels to rebel with him, and they were all cast out of heaven.  They now live on a planet from where they are able to watch you.’
Eve catches her breath. ‘Oh no.’
‘Can they come here my father’, asks Adam.
In serious tones, the Son replies, ‘Not at this moment, but they will be permitted in one place in the garden.  If you obey all My counsel you will be safe.’
‘Oh, we will always obey’, offers Eve.
‘Come dear children, I need to show you something very important.
Adam you have seen it, but I need to show Eve.’

                               Forest Lawn Glendale California USA

​​Adam turns to her and says, 'That is what I am made of Eve.'

'But I am not', she exclaims.  'I am made from your rib.'

‘Eve’, explains the Creator, ‘you are made from Adam’s rib, but the rib was made from the dust of the ground.    So you will turn to dust as well.’
‘Ooooh, it sounds terrible’, cries the woman, with tears in her eyes.
‘It is terrible Eve.’
‘I don’t want to turn back to dust of the ground’, says Adam.
‘Dear ones, it doesn’t need to happen.’
‘No?’ wonders Eve.
‘No.   If you always obey the Word of God, it will never take place.
‘We won’t eat the fruit of this tree my father’, assures Eve.
‘No, we will never eat it’, adds Adam.
When Adam and Eve have gone to prepare for their rest, God’s Son stands in the centre of the garden a moment.    He knows what will happen, and it breaks His heart to think of all the sadness they will encounter in the future.


 Jesus’, the children ask. ‘Why did you put the tree in the garden?’
'My children’, explains Jesus, ‘love must always be free.’
‘What do you mean?’ asks Kevin.
‘It  is  because  of  the  fall  of  Lucifer  that  the  tree  is  necessary’,  He explains.  ‘Everyone must have a choice.  Lucifer made his choice.  Now Adam and Eve must make their choice.  Tomorrow you will see who Adam and Eve obeyed -- God or Lucifer.’
‘I know’, says Kevin.

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